This Mastodon server has many Japanese users on site, but of course we welcome any language speakers. Math topics, math-related gags, and chit-chat are all welcome.

Ce serveur Mastodon compte de nombreux utilisateurs japonais, mais nous accueillons bien sûr tous les locuteurs de langues. Les sujets mathématiques, les gags liés aux mathématiques et le bavardage sont tous les bienvenus.


Hey there, we've got a whole bunch of folks from Japan hanging out here on our Mastodon server, . But don't let that hold you back - we're open to everyone, no matter what language you speak. Feel free to chat about anything from the serious world of math to the funniest math-related jokes or even just a friendly chit-chat. We can't wait to hear from you!

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Mathtodon is a Mastodon instance, where you can post toots with beautiful mathematical formulae in TeX/LaTeX style.